• 2024.04.12

19年目は4daysにスケールアップ! ALLDAY 2024 SPRING 5月に開催決定! メイントーナメントは78チームに拡大。ガールズトーナメントも復活。



また今大会では、「ALLDAY」で長らく行われていなかった女子チームによるトーナメントが「ALLDAY WOMEN’S」として復活。計8チームで争われるガールズトーナメントは、メイントーナメントのベスト8決定戦が行われる5月25日(土)に1回戦を行ない、翌26日(日)にセミファイナル以降が開催される。


メンズ チームエントリーはこちら

ウィメンズ チームエントリーはこちら

・予選トーナメント:5/11(土) & 12日(日)
・Top 16:5/25(土)


The 19th year will expand to four days, and “ALLDAY 2024 SPRING” is set to be held in May 2024! The main tournament will expand to 78 teams, and the Women’s Tournament is making a comeback!

Since its launch in 2005, “ALLDAY” has been cultivated at Yoyogi Park and has grown into Japan’s premier street basketball tournament, becoming a cultural icon of Japanese street basketball. This year, anticipating the 20th anniversary next year, the event will astonishingly take place over four days across two weekends.

Previously consisting of 50 teams, the main tournament has been significantly scaled up. It will now feature a qualifying tournament with 11 teams in each of the 7 blocks, and last fall’s winning team “UNDERDOG” will join the main competition as a super-seed, evolving into a mega tournament with a total of 78 teams. The qualifying tournament will conduct its first rounds on May 11th (Saturday) across four blocks, and on May 12th (Sunday) across three blocks to decide the top 16. Two weeks later, on May 25th (Saturday), the top 8 finals of each block will take place, determining the seven teams that will advance to the main competition. The final tournament, including “UNDERDOG,” will be held with 8 teams on May 26th (Sunday).

Additionally, this tournament will see the revival of the women’s tournament, which hasn’t been held for a long time, now called “ALLDAY WOMEN’S.” The women’s tournament, contested by 8 teams, will have its first round on May 25th (Saturday) and the semifinals and beyond on the following day, May 26th (Sunday).

“ALLDAY” started as a grassroots tournament in 2005, but with the accumulation of its history and the backing of the era for basketball, it has achieved remarkable growth in its 19th year. With support from the Jordan Brand for this tournament, its doors are widely open to various teams and players. Hurry to enter!

Men’s team entry

women’s team entry

【Event Overview】
・Qualifying Tournament: May 11 (Sat) & May 12 (Sun)
※In case of rain: May 18 (Sat), May 19 (Sun)
・Top 16: May 25 (Sat)
・Main Tournament: May 26 (Sun)
※In case of rain: June 1 (Sat), June 2 (Sun)


19年目は4daysにスケールアップ! ALLDAY 2024 SPRING 5月に開催決定! メイントーナメントは78チームに拡大。ガールズトーナメントも復活。